Moncton Air Ambulance Operations


Modern Era of Air Ambulance

In 1977 Voyageur ushered in the modern era of air ambulance in Ontario, Canada by helping institute a new method of long distance transfer for medical patients utilizing aircraft instead of land vehicles. Today Voyageur's Aeromedical division continues to be an important part of our domestic and international business.

Dedicated Air Ambulance

Voyageur is the fixed wing provider of dedicated air ambulance services for the Canadian province of New Brunswick. Most operations are time-sensitive and require the utmost in critical care experience by all personnel involved. Aircraft dedicated to these operations include the Beechcraft King Air 200s.

One-Of-A-Kind Aircraft

Voyageur has created a one-of-a-kind air ambulance aircraft to respond to a need to transport multiple patients on one aircraft. The result was a de Havilland Dash 7 multiple patient transfer unit (MPTU). This aircraft is particularly effective in times of natural disaster evacuations. The MPTU can also be utilized for routine air ambulance services when it is more cost effective to move a large number of patients at once.

King Air Air Ambulance Interior

Beechcraft King Air 200

  • Twin-Engine, Turbo-Prop Aircraft
  • Pressurized, Air Conditioned Cabin
  • Crew Complement: 2 Pilots
  • Cruise Speed: 394 kph / 245 mph
  • Specialized Air Ambulance Interior - Accommodating 2 Stretcher Patients

  • Dash 7 Air Ambulance Interior

    de Havilland Dash 7

  • Four-Engine, Turbo-Prop Aircraft
  • Stand-Up, Pressurized, Air Conditioned Cabin
  • Crew Complement: 2 Pilots & 1 Flight Attendant
  • Cruise Speed: 363 kph / 225 mph
  • Short-Take Off & Landing (STOL) Capabilities
  • Specialized Air Ambulance Interior - Accommodating 8 Stretcher Patients

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